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CCIC's Canadian Operations Now Authorized to Inspect U.S. Scrap Shipments to China

ISRI received information that the Chinese Government will allow CCIC's Canadian operations to temporarily undertake pre-shipment inspections and issue certificates for U.S. scrap shipments bound for China.

The authorization was issued beginning yesterday through the end of the suspension of the U.S. operations on June 4. Containers will still be subject to 100% inspection upon arrival.

We have obtained the complete announcement from the Chinese government authorizing CCIC Canada to undertake pre-shipment inspections of scrap in the United States bound for China, and are having it professionally translated to ensure full clarity and accuracy. 

We spoke directly with CCIC’s U.S. office yesterday and learned the following:

  • CCICNA has confirmed that U.S. companies can apply to CCIC Canada for Canada-based inspectors to conduct pre-shipment inspections in the United States. However, as it is expected that CCIC Canada is going to be overwhelmed by inspections, this may only be a small relief. In addition, CCICNA expects that it will take much longer than two weeks from the time an inspectors travels from Canada to conduct an inspection at a U.S. yard to when the certificate can be issued, which will occur after June 4 when the suspension is likely to be lifted from CCICNA within the U.S.
  • It is still expected that the suspension on the U.S. Operations of CCICNA will be lifted on June 4.
  • CCICNA in the U.S. expects to have a lot of work to do to issue certificates on cargoes inspected before the May 4 suspension.
  • There is no indication that the pre-shipment inspection and certification process will change after June 4. Chinese customs will continue 100% container inspections, and the CCIC certificates will continue to not provide a guarantee of entry.

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions.

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