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ISRI Comments on China 301 Tariff List

Last week, ISRI submitted comments to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative for consideration as the Administration considers imposing tariffs on a range of goods from China as part of its Section 301 investigation into China’s technology transfer policy.

The submission was made on behalf of the ISRI Equipment and Service Providers Council, which sources some parts from China, such as for separating, crushing, and grinding. ISRI argues that “adding a 25% import tariff on these parts would irreparably harm the competitiveness of the U.S. recycling industry…”

The Administration is reviewing more than 2,800 submissions from American companies and associations about the range of goods included (or that should be included or excluded) on the proposed list.

It will likely take officials more than a month to go through all the information before a decision is made, notwithstanding the ongoing high-level trade negotiations that are ongoing between the U.S. and Chinese governments that many hope will supersede a decision on imposing tariffs.

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