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Advocacy Continues in Wake of CCICNA Suspension

ISRI staff and I continue to advocate for a resumption of U.S. scrap exports to China through all available channels, including directly with the Chinese government, consultations with the U.S. government, media interviews, and contacts with our counterparts in China.

As you know, the U.S. and Chinese governments continue to negotiate a resolution to trade disputes and to avoid a trade war. We are told that working-level meetings continue in preparation for the next cabinet-level meetings in the next week or so. The U.S. government is very concerned about the effect of CCIC’s suspension on the industry and pledged to help if it can among a long list of trade concerns they are negotiating with China. I have also written directly to the Chinese Ambassador as well as the Ministers of Environment and Commerce and Heads of Customs and AQSIQ to appeal for support to approve another pre-shipment inspection company.

ISRI also consulted our counterparts in China and have heard that China’s scrap consumers are very concerned about their displaced access to the high quality scrap commodities from the United States that they have come to depend on for manufacturing. Several industry associations appear to be trying to work with the Chinese government to find a resolution.

As expected, the impact CCIC’s suspension is having at the community level has gained national attention, and ISRI has been interviewed by trade press and mainstream media to understand the practical effects of it on the industry and how it compounds an already difficult trade situation with China.

It is my hope that we will soon see a resolution to this impasse. But in the meantime, I would like to reiterate the steps you can take to minimize any problems, such as considering alternative markets, working closely with Chinese customers to find solutions, and not loading containers for China until this is resolved. More information on what you can do can be accessed on ISRI’s website.

Please let Adina Renee Adler know if you have any questions.

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