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Ferrous Division Leadership

We were very sorry to learn about Mike Lewis’ wife but certainly understand his decision to withdrawal himself from being the Ferrous Division chairman. Mike has been a very active Ferrous Division member for many years. We wish Mike and his wife all the very best.


Executive Committee

Brian Halloran                    Chairman                         Commercial Metals Company

Chris Bedell                        1st Vice-Chairman           David J. Joseph Company

William Cook                      2nd Vice-Chairman          Slagit River Steel

Adam Dumes                     Secretary                        Cohen Brothers

Greg Dixon                         Director-at-Large             SmartUSA

Greg Brown                        Director-at-Large             Raleigh Metals

Tom Knippel                       Director-at-Large             SA Recycling

Haley Glick                          Director-at-Large            Tri-State Iron and Metal 

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