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Steel and Aluminum 232 Tariff Waiver Extended While Negotiations Continue

Ahead of the May 1 tariff extension deadline, President Trump announced he would extend waivers to the 232 steel and aluminum tariffs by one month for material from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. This will allow the governments to continue negotiating potential deals that could lead to permanent waivers.

Argentina, Australia, and Brazil have agreed to limit trade according to negotiated quotas. The negotiations are not complete, but tariffs have been waived pending final agreements. 

Although China did not receive a waiver, the U.S. and Chinese governments continue to hope for a way around their trade differences and avoid an escalated trade war. A U.S. Administration delegation that includes the Secretaries of Treasury and Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative will be in China at the end of this week for talks on measures the two governments could agree would lead to their standing down from levying tariffs on billions of dollars of bilateral trade, including a 25% tariff on aluminum scrap to China and 25% tariffs on equipment and parts to the United States.

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