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ISRI Meets with EPA Administrator Pruitt

ISRI met with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and his staff to discuss several issues including the federal study focusing on exposure to crumb rubber by athletes.
Max Daughtrey of Four D Recycling accompanied Robin Wiener along with ISRI’s lobbying team that featured former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. ISRI explained the regulatory uncertainty caused by the delay of the federal study stressing that parents, teachers, lawmakers, and athletes all deserve clarity on this important topic. More specifically, ISRI made it clear that the delay of this study is forcing many field projects to be delayed or cancelled even given the fact that more than 100 studies currently exist that have found no connection between crumb rubber and cancer. ISRI reinforced the point that we welcome additional scientific studies but any study must be accompanied by a clear statement of risk in order to provide that certainty since most parents, teachers, lawmakers, and athletes simply do not have the technical expertise to understand the findings. Additionally, we emphasized that some may use the findings, if they are not accompanied by such a risk statement, to further make unsubstantiated claims against the use of crumb rubber. And, we strongly suggested that the current study must factor into account the surrounding area so as to control for external contamination such as highways or factories. The EPA study was scheduled to go to peer review in the fall of 2017 but that has not happened yet. The federal regulatory authorization ends in October 2018 after three years of study.

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