Advocacy in the States

Throughout 2017, ISRI - through its combined network of national and chapter resources - tracked and reported on more than 500 state bills and regulations across the nation that impacted the recycling industry, lobbied in State legislatures across the country on behalf of members, and advocated on the industry’s behalf before state policymakers, attorneys general, and lieutenant governors. Major recycling-related issues included: state sales taxes; paper/plastic bag bans or restrictions; recycled rubber/synthetic turf; materials theft; and extended producer responsibility.

ISRI Advocates for Industry Interests with State Legislators

scrap-alertISRI participated in the 2017 National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL) Annual Legislative Summit held in Boston. ISRI and its Chapters sponsored the exhibit hall luncheon for the fifth year in a row, with ISRI’s New England Chapter serving as hosts. Members from 16 ISRI chapters came out and participated, with all ISRI commodities represented through displays and volunteers on-site. ISRI participation also yielded several requests for scrap recycling facility tours for legislators across the country. More than 2000 state legislators attended the event, many of whom visited the ISRI booth and during the lunch visited the ISRI exhibit of scrap recycling industry commodities and equipment.

ISRI was also invited to attend the NCSL Symposium for Legislative Leaders in October, an program designed to give state legislative leaders high-caliber training, timely public policy briefings, and innovative ideas to effectively guide state legislative chambers. ISRI engaged with the leaders directly in a close-knit environment that allowed for quality interaction and the opportunity to build positive impressions and friendships for the industry. ISRI has a seat on the Board of Directors of the NCSL Foundation of State Legislatures which hosted the Symposium.

ISRI-Supported Resolution on Recycled Rubber Adopted by CSG

csg-logoThe Council of State Governments (CSG) adopted a resolution offered by ISRI supporting science-based evidence on the use of recycled tire crumb rubber in artificial turf and playgrounds. The resolution recognized the benefits of recycling tires and the importance of relying on sound science over emotion in this policy discussion. It called on the federal government to place a priority on completing its study. ISRI is a private-sector CSG Associates advisory member.

ISRI Addresses State Lieutenant Governors and Attorneys General on Key Recycling Issues


In March, ISRI addressed state lieutenant governors as part of a National Lieutenant Governors Association discussion panel on the economic and environmental benefits the recycling industry brings to the states. Then, in June, ISRI participated in the National Association of Attorneys General summer meeting, elevating the issue of electronic reporting mandates through private third-party database companies, and the impact such mandates have on recyclers.

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