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ISRI Advocacy Training Teams Up with Members in Michigan

Recycling was the subject of the day throughout the Michigan State Capitol on March 22 as ISRI members, more than 65 state legislators, and a number of legislative staffers gathered under the Capitol dome for the recycling industry's lunch.

AdvocacyTrainingMichigan1_250The Michigan Chapter held a meeting prior to heading over to the capitol which featured presentations from State Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall (R - District 15), the Chapter’s lobbyists and some remarks from ISRI about the new advocacy training program. Senator Kowall spoke on the contributions of the scrap recycling industry to the manufacturing sector, his insight on trade concerns with China, and even gave some insider insight on some pending economic development that may be coming down the pike as a result.

The event was well staged by the chapter’s lobbying group Michigan Legislative Consultants (MLC) to maximize strategic interaction with legislators as they entered and exited the legislative chambers for business.

At the chapter's invitation, ISRI was pleased to take its State/Regional Advocacy Training Program on the road to the chapter’s meeting prior to the lunch and participate with the networking at the Capitol. ISRI coordinated with the chapter's lobbyists at MLC to provide an overview of the current legislative dynamics in Lansing and key committee legislators for the industry, along with tips on identifying, approaching, and talking with legislators.

To learn more about ISRI's State/Regional Advocacy Training Program, contact Danielle Waterfield.

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