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Join Us at ISRI2018 for MusicRecycle: An Initiative to Build a Recycling Movement through Music

At a time when demand for recycled materials is historically high, our world seems to be drowning in uncollected recyclables. Headlines are filled with news of oceans teaming with plastic materials.

Government entities are challenged by the collection of recyclable materials – particularly post-consumer products. Awareness of the need for recycling has improved, but our world has little-to-no idea of how much we as individuals can make a difference. 

Great champions exist – celebrities willing to carry the flag for environmental responsibility. Industry exists that can handle more and more of this material to divert it from landfills, watersheds, and other parts of our landscape. Associations exist with expertise in government and public awareness, able to place a message in the hands of those who can make change occur.

Imagine what could happen if all these resources were combined: Star power, Industry strength, Association finesse, and the power of human hands and minds all working to increase awareness and education about recycling. The possibilities to make real change in our world could be endless.

At ISRI2018, we have called a meeting to explore the potential of building such a coalition, to identify the key voices that need to be a part of the movement, to match the music industry with the recycling industry in a way that can cause change around the country and around the world.

Care to be a part of that change? We are looking for recycling industry professionals with existing connections in the music and entertainment industries and/or a commitment to more and better public education on the need and the process of recycling to join us for a meeting at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 at ISRI2018 in Las Vegas with a reception to follow. Check the ISRI2018 final program for location details. We can make a difference and our world is counting on it.

For more information on this program and to get involved, contact Bob Ensinger

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