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ISRI Joins with Other Shippers Urging Quick Fix to Port Negotiations

ISRI and over 100 other organizations wrote to International Longshoreman’s Association and the U.S. Maritime Alliance urging them to find a solution to their labor negotiations. Recently, there had been a breakdown in those negations.

ISRI and the other organizations remember all too well the port disruptions that occurred on the West Coast that stranded outbound shipments at the port and imports on ships only a mile away from the ports. This disruption caused significant economic harm resulting in President Obama sending his Labor Secretary to California to resolve the crisis. However, billions of dollars were lost during that disruption for many, including scrap processors. ISRI has been constantly engaged towards ensuring that similar disruptions do not occur again since scrap exports represent over $16.5 billion annually.

For more information about this situation, please contact Billy Johnson.

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