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Recent Additions to March Webinars

The nature of the scrap industry is shifting at a breakneck pace. Register today for these webinars to find out how it will impact you.

On Friday, March 16 at 11 a.m. ET ISRI will host: How Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Affect the Scrap Industry webinar that will discuss the impact of President Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on the industry. Although some details are still to be released, including how to apply for a waiver, ISRI has been analyzing the potential effects of these tariffs on the scrap industry. This webinar will bring members up to date on what we know and how it may impact you.

The following week, on Friday, March 23 at 2 p.m. ET, ISRI will host ISRI 2018 Convention Preview: Implementing Technology to Improve Material Feedstock Quality webinar which will feature companies that provide solutions for MRFs, paper, and plastic processors all concerned with making their feedstocks as clean and contamination free as possible. These speakers, who are also exhibiting at ISRI2018 in April, will discuss the technologies that are available to recyclers interested in reducing the contamination in their bales. We will discuss how these technologies work and how they tie together in a recycling facility. We’ll also discuss how these technologies will change the state of the plastics, paper and MRF industries and the ramifications these changes will have on the near and long term.  

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