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President Trump Announces Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imports

In a “listening session” last week with major U.S. steel and aluminum producers, President Trump announced his intent to impose 25 percent tariffs on steel imports and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum imports.

The announcement did not include any other specific information on timing and whether he will exempt specific trade partners, but he intends to sign the order within the next week.

The announcement caused stock markets to trade lower, and it is likely that the imposition of the import tariffs will continue to impact markets. There are a number of scenarios to impact recyclers we will be watching, including production of steel and aluminum in the United States and elsewhere, major consumer industry implications (such as autos, energy, and packaging), and the possibility of retaliatory measures against U.S.-made goods.

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions. Copies of the comments submitted by ISRI on both the aluminum and steel 232 petitions are available. 

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