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New State Policy Tracking Resources

We've made it easier than ever for members to keep up with the latest developments. ISRI's State Resources and Tracking page (member login required) has been revamped with live reports on each state profile page as well as reports for individual commodities and issues, such as plastics, extended producer responsibility, and auxiliary containers.

Each state profile page also has information and statutory links, including those states with auxiliary container laws.

ISRI Positions on Policy Issues
We've also added summaries of ISRI's Positions impacting policy issues to the publicly-accessible ISRI State Policy page, making it easy to find and share the recycling industry's stance on issues such as auxiliary containers and EPR/product stewardship when engaging with policymakers. ISRI's State Policy page also serves as a landing page for ISRI's other state advocacy and policy resources, such as the tracking pages, past policy highlights, and testimony, and the metals theft law database.

Questions?  Contact Danielle Waterfield, ISRI Sr. Director of Government Relations and Assistant General Counsel or access the tracking tools and information on the State Resources and Tracking pages on ISRI’s website. 

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