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International Association of Chiefs of Police Considering Metals Theft Resolution

ISRI holds a seat on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Crime Prevention Committee (CPC). As the CPC’s subject matter expert on metals theft, ISRI was asked to develop a resolution to define the issue and the efforts taken by the recycling industry in combatting this crime.

IACP resolutions establish policy and direct the efforts of its 30,000 worldwide members; many of which are executive level law enforcement officials. This resolution, co-written with the CPC Chair, emphasizes the importance of the recycling industry, the effects of metals theft, and the lack of accurate data. Further, the resolution underscores the industry’s efforts to work with law enforcement in fighting metals theft and highlights the resources provided by ISRI such as ScrapTheftAlert.com and law enforcement educational materials.

To date, the resolution has been reviewed by ISRI’s Materials Theft Task Force, voted on and approved by the entire CPC membership and has been forwarded to the IACP’s Private Sector Liaison and Police Investigative Tools Committees for co-sponsorship consideration. Further discussion on this resolution will be held during the IACP Policy Council Mid-Year Meetings, April 25-27. The resolution will be made available to all ISRI members upon approval by the IACP.

For more information on the Metals Theft Resolution, contact ISRI Director of Law Enforcement Outreach Brady Mills at (202) 662-8526.

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