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Benchmarking Your Safety Program

Benchmarking provides companies with a method of measuring and evaluating their organization’s safety performance with an emphasis on continuous improvement. Those who benchmark place themselves in better positions to identify best practices, discover innovative improvements, learn from peers and competitors, and find better safety performance measurement tools.

One opportunity that ISRI members have to benchmark their safety programs is being members of the Circle of Safety Excellence™ (COSE). Using the safety metric data you and other Circle members provide, your company has the ability to benchmark its progress against other industry leaders committed to safe operations, and to become part of a network for the sharing of safety best practices. For example, last year COSE introduced a near miss reporting process so that COSE members could share examples of near-miss incidents from their operations with the rest of the COSE group.

All active ISRI members located within the United States and Canada, who process or consume scrap material and are committed to operating safely, are invited to apply to be part of the Circle. The application process has begun and will go through to March 15, 2018. As in the past, the COSE Application instructions are posted on the ISRI website to assist members with data input requirements.

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