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Call to Action: Please Submit Examples of Tax Reform Benefits to Your Company

During our board meetings, Rick Dearborn, the deputy chief of staff at the White House described the recently enacted tax law and the initial reactions from the business community including employee bonuses, increased capital investment, and repatriation of foreign income back into the United States.

The Trump Administration is compiling a list of all the new investment and employee bonuses. Mr. Dearborn asked ISRI members to please submit similar examples of investment in the U.S. especially the growing number of businesses offering employee bonuses. We have already received several replies to his request but we need more. All submissions to ISRI will be kept confidential. ISRI will submit the number of companies along with examples of capital investment and bonuses. Our reply will help enable ISRI demonstrate the capital intensive nature of the scrap recycling industry along with the importance of strengthening our labor force. These submissions will help ISRI gain a louder voice in the White House, the Department of Commerce, and throughout the executive branch that will help our efforts getting the administration’s assistance with a variety of regulatory and trade issues including the restrictions of imports into China. This will also help our efforts on Capitol Hill. 

To submit your company’s new capital investments and/or employee bonuses as a result of the tax reform law, please contact either me at or Billy Johnson

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