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ASME B30.25- Scrap and Material Handlers Revisions Completed

The 2018 edition of the B30.25 consensus standard for Scrap and Material Handlers has been completed.

This edition has changed some of the nomenclature to better reflect the terminology that is currently used throughout the industries that utilize this equipment. The most relevant revision to the standard was the removal of the term “arm” and its replacement with the term “stick” to conform to the common nomenclature found in OEM manuals and in the field from users around North America. Additionally, the common phrase “3 points of contact” was added in the definition section for the term three points of support: features of an access system that permits a person to use two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand (three points of contact) while ascending, descending, or moving about on the handler.

Other minor editorial changes were made to bring this Volume up to current standards. This Volume of the Standard, which was approved by the B30 Committee and by ASME, was approved by ANSI and designated as an American National Standard.

If you have any questions on the above please contact Tony Smith who is the Chair of the B30.25 Committee. 


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