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Upcoming Webinars in February

ISRI’s Live Learning Center has scheduled webinars in February that will help your company grow with up-to-the-minute information on a host of subjects.

ISRI’s webinar “Going Glocal – What’s Going on in the World and How It Affects You”, February 13, 

2 p.m. (ET) will help you and your employees make sense of the disruptions in the global marketplace. Even if you don’t export material, this webinar will help you figure out how events happening across the globe can impact your bottom line and your ability to market your materials. In a world that is becoming smaller and more interconnected, this webinar will help you course correct during uncertain times.

Scheduled earlier that day, “Implementing Camera Technology to Reduce Accidents and Enhance Driver Safety” will arm your safety directors and top management the tools to understand how implementing technology in the cab can reduce your liability, keep your drivers safe and reduce the likelihood of having an accident.

These webinars are aimed to help you manage your company, keep your employees safe, ensure you remain compliant with regulatory requirements, and employ strategies to advance your success.

To register for either webinar visit the ISRI Live Learning Center or contact Jonathan Levy for more information.

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