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All but eight state legislatures are already back is session and racing to get bills through committee before crossover deadlines and adjournment.

By the end of February, only Louisiana and North Carolina will be left of states with 2018 sessions, and New Mexico will have already finished for the year. ISRI is already tracking more than 600 active bills and regulations that could impact the recycling industry, and we've added new tools to the State Resources and Tracking page (formerly State Specific Policy Resources) to help members keep up with the policy changes being considered.

ISRI has compiled information on the laws affecting the industry in each state page, and we've added live reports of all active legislation and regulations for the 2018 session. Members can toggle between alphabetical and last action sorting by clicking the icon in the top right, view a summary of the potential impact on the industry, see how far a bill has gotten, and link directly to the state's bill profile page for the full text. You can also access reports of all legislation and regulations impacting particular commodities and issues from the main State Resources and Tracking page.

If you'd like to learn more about these and other state advocacy resources or setup a training session for members of your team, please contact Danielle Waterfield

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