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Benefits of Recycling Well Understood by Indian Government, but Obstacles Exist for Growth Opportunities

ISRI Chair Mark Lewon, along with past Chair Doug Kramer, Chair-elect Brian Shine, and ISRI staff attended the Metals Recycling Association of India (MRAI)’s 5th Metal Recycling Conference last week.

We heard much praise by the Indian government for the strides the industry is taking to develop into a world-class recycling industry that significantly contributes to improving the environment and creating jobs in India.

MRAI officially announced it would change its name to Materials Recycling Association of India, fulfilling a vision announced at last’s year’s conference to expand its membership to recyclers of all materials. The unified voice will strengthen MRAI’s advocacy for improved policies that could help expand opportunities for recycling trade.

In addition to praise for MRAI, government officials from the primary agencies responsible for setting and implementing policy impacting the recycling industry are considering policy proposals that could help facilitate more trade opportunities, such lowering import duties and removing the pre-shipment inspection certification requirement. Unfortunately, the officials fell short on articulating a strategy to improve infrastructure and other bureaucratic bottlenecks that impede the opportunity for India to grow as a major recycler, especially in the wake of China’s changing import regulations.

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