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Right-to-Repair – Call to Action

The Right to Repair campaign is in full swing. In October, lawmakers in Massachusetts heard from recyclers, repairers, and refurbishers about the need for legislation to protect their business.

by Kyle Wiens, iFixit

 iFixit testified on the breadth of products that recyclers process, and the need for guaranteed repair information for every type of product. Fair Right-to-Repair legislation provides that information pending in 13 states would make parts and information available for a broad range of electronic products.

State legislators in several other states have expressed interest. They are planning what legislation they’ll introduce in January, so now is the time to get involved! You bought it. You own it. You should be able to fix it yourself.

If you have connections with a legislator, reach out to Billy or Kyle for reference legislation to send them. The more momentum that we can show around the country, the better chance each bill will have.

The Copyright Office is currently considering whether to renew the cell phone unlocking exemption, and whether to expand it to new devices. ISRI is collaborating with Stanford’s IP law clinic to provide comments, which were due December 18.

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