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Milestones, Events, and Notable Information

ISRI will be providing content to several conferences throughout 2018. The purpose of this outreach is to solidify ISRI’s brand as a thought leader in the field of plastics recycling.

It will further ISRI’s reach with many stakeholders and allow us to work with them to support the industry.

  • Plastics Recycling Conference
    Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, TN, February 19-12, 2018

    ISRI will be developing a workshop in conjunction with the Plastics Industry Association which will focus on end-of-life bumper recycling. ISRI has partnered with PIA in a demonstration project which will further explore the viability of pairing plastic recyclers with end markets. The workshop will discuss the progress made in this project.

  • ISRI Annual Convention & Exhibition (Registration is open!)
    Las Vegas, April 14-19, 2018

    We have begun the planning for our Plastics Summit which will be held as part of ISRI’s Annual Convention and Exhibition. This year, we will host three workshops that will cover topics of interest to plastics recyclers and MRFs. The workshops will cover topics such as the current state of the market, issues impacting MRFs, post-industrial recycling, and others. As we did last year, the Society of Plastics Engineers will help provide content for one of the workshops.

  • SPE AUTOepcon
    Detroit, April 30 – May 1, 2018

    We have begun a conversation with the Society of Plastics Engineers to provide content for this event. AUTOepcon is sponsored by the Detroit Section of SPE and attracts automotive engineers, designers, and C-Suite Level auto executives and focuses on technical content related to the design and manufacture of automobiles. We see participation in this event as a strategic opportunity to encourage automotive engineers and other stakeholders to use recycled resin where possible. The messages we will bring to this show are that recycled resin is as good as virgin resin in many applications. As such, the auto industry should not place unnecessary barriers towards the adoption of recycled resin. Rather, it should allow recycled resins to compete on the same basis as other materials.

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