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ISRI Time Capsule: Onward and Upward

Throughout 2017, ISRI has celebrated its 30th anniversary, reviewing the industry’s—and its own—changes, accomplishments, and challenges.

With one eye on its past, ISRI has kept the other eye on its future, taking steps to ensure even greater success ahead. One notable step was ISRI’s move into new office space in Washington, D.C., in late January. In contrast to its three previous D.C. office locations, ISRI designed its new space to showcase the recycling industry’s history, its current environmental and economic contributions, and its products. The centerpieces of the new office are the Recycling Education Center and industry timeline that fill the expansive lobby. There, visitors can learn about the recycling industry’s distinguished history and get a crash course in the industry’s commodities, operations, and contributions. A model scale shows visitors how recyclers weigh and pay for scrap materials, while a sorting station gives them a hands-on appreciation for how recyclers produce specification-grade commodities. The space also offers displays of processed scrap as well as recycled-content products that show how recyclers and manufacturers work together to close the recycling loop. To appreciate the office’s many other distinctive features, contact ISRI for a tour. We think you’ll agree that the new space positions ISRI—and the industry—to have even more to celebrate in the coming decades.

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