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ISRI Files WTO Comment in Response to China’s Proposed Scrap Import Standards

Late last week, ISRI submitted comments to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in response to notifications made by the Government of China regarding proposed scrap import standards that have the potential to significantly harm global recycling if not clarified.

ISRI supports the Chinese Government’s strategy to improve the environment and encourage sustainable recycling. However, ISRI is concerned that the draft standards, if implemented, will lead to extensive disruptions in global supply chains because the proposed standards are not in line with the globally recognized ISRI Specifications and lack specific guidance for exporters.

In the submission, ISRI requests specific, written guidance on the definition of “other carried waste,” suggests that the allowable percentages align with ISRI Specifications and requests more time to allow for global suppliers to understand the regulations for adequate compliance.

“ISRI understands that at the heart of China’s approach with the proposed GB standards is an effort to identify what is ‘garbage’ so that China can rightfully prevent such material from entering the country. We suggest the Chinese Government revise its GB standards to very specifically define what is intended to be minimized in terms of the percentages listed, giving particular attention to distinguishing between unusable trash that should have gone to a landfill and recyclable materials.” 

The full text of the comments can be found on ISRI’s website. Please contact Adina Renee Adler with questions or comments on this issue.

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