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Aluminum Cans Are World’s Most Recycled Beverage Containers

Aluminum beverage cans remain the world’s most recycled beverage containers, according to Resource Recycling Systems (Ann Arbor, Mich.).

In its research for the Can Manufacturers Institute (Washington, D.C.) and similar groups in Europe and Brazil, RRS analyzed recycling data for aluminum, PET, and glass beverage containers in 25 countries, representing 80 percent of the global market. The study found global weighted average recycling rates of 69 percent for aluminum cans, 43 percent for PET bottles, and 46 percent for glass. Brazil leads the world in recycling aluminum cans with a 98-percent rate, followed by Poland, 79 percent; Japan, 77 percent; and Italy, 72 percent. The U.S. aluminum beverage can recycling rate is 55 percent, the study found. RSS notes that its study prioritized markets with accessible recycling data and that more could be done to harmonize and improve the reporting of such data around the world. Visit recycle.com or www.cancentral.com.

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