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ISRI Time Capsule: Answering the Leadership Call

Anyone who has served as a volunteer leader in a trade association knows how demanding the commitment can be in terms of time and responsibility.

Dec13LUTimeCapsulePastChairsThat certainly is the case for the individuals elected as ISRI national officers. Those individuals usually have devoted years serving as ISRI chapter leaders or as members of various ISRI divisions, committees, subcommittees, task forces, or working groups. They then had to undergo a competitive nomination and election process to start at the bottom position—secretary/treasurer—of the national officer ranks. That step put them on a six-year ascent through the national officer positions, rising from secretary/treasurer to vice chair to chair-elect, before serving a final two-year term as ISRI chair. Despite the demanding work, hard decisions, and inevitable challenges of this highest ISRI leadership path, those who have walked it say they treasured the experience and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Here, ISRI salutes the 17 intrepid individuals who have served as ISRI chair throughout its 30-year history: Sandy Shapiro and Howard Meyers (1987); Richard Abrams (1988-1990); David Serls (1990-1992); Arnold Gachman (1992-1994); David “Cap” Grossman (1994-1996); Jim Fisher (1996-1998); Shelley Padnos (1998-2000); Sam Hummelstein (2000-2002); Charles “Cricket” Williams Jr. (2002-2004); Joel Denbo (2004-2006); Frank Cozzi (2006-2008); George Adams (2008-2010); John Sacco (2010-2012); Jerry Simms (2012-2014); Doug Kramer (2014-2016); and Mark Lewon (2016-2018). 

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