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Metals Theft Workshop Conducted at the Virginia State Police Academy

Last week, ISRI presented a 4-hour block of instruction on metals theft at the Virginia State Police Academy to 42 detectives attending in-service training.

The detectives represented the state police, sheriffs’ departments, and police departments from across the state. Brady Mills, ISRI’s director of law enforcement outreach, Law Enforcement Advisory Council member Rick Arrington, and Eric Zwilsky from Potomac Metals, briefed detectives on metals theft current trends, the impact of metals theft, yard operations, VA state law, prevention techniques, ScrapTheftAlert.com, StopMetalsTheft.org, and other industry efforts to work with law enforcement in fighting metals theft. The workshop, presented at the request of the Academy, credited detectives with required in-service training hours.

For more information on conducting a metals theft workshop in your area, contact Brady Mills at (202) 662-8526. 

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