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ISRI Time Capsule: Recognizing Lifetime Achievement

The scrap industry’s history is replete with noteworthy, bigger-than-life individuals whose career contributions helped advance the industry in numerous ways.

Dec6LUTimeCapsuleLifetimeAchievementSome of those individuals served in high-profile leadership positions in the industry’s trade associations, while others made their mark in a lower-profile, behind-the-scenes way. In 2004, ISRI launched in 2004 its Lifetime Achievement Award to honor those whose work and dedication contributed greatly to the association and the industry. Since then, ISRI has honored one to three individuals each year, ranging from past association chairs to heads of some of the largest recycling corporations to, in one case, a legendary recycling industry journalist and association staffer. Here’s a year-by-year rundown of the distinguished recipients of the ISRI Lifetime Achievement Award thus far: Seymour and Stuart Padnos (2004); Morton and Arnold Plant (2005); Lee Hummelstein, Barry Hunter, and Sheldon Tauben (2006); Sidney Grossman and Morley Denbo (2007); Si Wakesberg and Bernard Goldstein (2008); Leonard Rifkin and Ben Sacco (2009); Tom Salome and Marvin Siegel (2010); Harry Heinkele, Ray Alpert, and Jake Farber (2011); Richard Abrams (2012); Arnold Gachman (2013); Stanley Kramer, Sandy Shapiro, and Howard Meyers (2014); Toby Shine and Scott Newell (2015); Stanton A. Moss and Emanuel Bodner (2016); and Herschel Cutler and Crawford Carpenter (2017). 

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