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China Import Ban Makes (Air) Waves

As a lead up to America Recycles Day, ISRI’s communications team put together a radio tour across the U.S. to discuss the impact that China’s ban on certain scrap imports is having on the industry and what municipalities and the public can do to help.

The guest, Sr. Director of Government Relations and International Affairs Adina Renee Adler, conducted 17 interviews that to-date have aired on 569 stations, reaching more than 12.3 million listeners. More interviews are scheduled to air in the coming weeks. Her messaging included scrap is not waste, the importance of municipalities using ISRI’s inbound MRF specifications, how the public should work with their municipalities on better separation techniques, and how everyone can do their part in developing a cleaner recycling stream. Listen in on one of her interviews.

Feel free to contact Sr. Director of Communications Mark Carpenter at (202) 662-8525 with questions or comments.

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