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West Coast Chapter Addresses Critical Concerns Over Air Emissions

At its most recent chapter meeting on October 26, ISRI West Coast Chapter members learned from the ISRI Immediate Past Chair Doug Kramer of the dire potential consequences of proposed air emissions rules being considered in Orange County and part of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties—rules that could be replicated elsewhere in California and potentially beyond.
Nov8LUWestCoastChapterMeetingIn an impassioned plea to the membership, Kramer asserted that the regulations could put the recycling industry “as we know it now” out of business. The chapter is aggressively pushing back but Kramer warned the fight could be long and expensive, and he urged every member to join forces for the sake of their own company and for the industry to support the chapter’s advocacy efforts. AndNov8LUWestCoastChapterMeetingEngle speaking of advocacy, ISRI would like to thank Chapter President Robb Cohn for giving ISRI staff a welcoming tour of the Jack Engle & Co. facility in Los Angeles prior to the chapter meeting, where ISRI was able to personally thank company founder Jack Engle for his support of ISRI and the West Coast Chapter through Robb’s diligent efforts as Chapter President. Thanks also goes to Jeff Farano and George Adams for taking time to give ISRI staff a tour of the SA Terminal Island facility operations along with some of the company’s ideas for bringing the recycling industry to state legislators next year at the 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit in Los Angeles. Please contact Danielle Waterfield for more information. 

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