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China Nonferrous Metals Industry Holds Annual Convention Amid Uncertain Policy Environment

The China Nonferrous Metals Association (CMRA) is holding its annual convention this week in Ningbo amid uncertainties in the Chinese and global market for scrap metals trade given the evolving policy and regulatory environment within China.

Senior Director for Government Relations & International Affairs Adina Renee Adler is attending on behalf of ISRI and the industry. She gave a presentation about the U.S. nonferrous scrap market and is gaining as much information as possible from attendees about what is occurring on the ground, and their expectations on the regulatory front heading into 2018.

In addition, separate roundtables are being arranged for Adina and the ISRI members attending the conference to engage with the CMRA, BIR, and other peer organizations on working together to minimize disruptions to nonferrous metals trade with any regulatory changes. It is also hoped that ISRI members will have a chance to interface with a representative from the Ministry of Environmental Protection who is scheduled to speak at the conference.

ISRI will make every effort to distribute information from the conference as quickly as possible through a number of channels, including the Leadership Update, other newsletters, conference calls, and member alerts. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions.

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