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Introduction by Paper Division Chair and PSI Chapter President

For decades, ISRI has been, and still is, the de facto standard for being the official determining organization of recyclability of scrap materials like paper, plastics, ferrous & nonferrous metals, electronics, tires and rubber, etc.

LeonardandMyles Packaging has become a major concern as developments have been taking off at a dizzying pace and are having effects on single stream collection and the sorting and marketing of recyclable material. Within ISRI, we have industry representation from processors (including MRFs), manufacturer and mill consumers, exporters, and brokers who all come together to develop tools for our industry that include specifications. Companies and Associations that are looking to promote their agenda and label their products recyclable need to consider our specifications as a starting point for their development process.

ISRI continues to aggressively promote increased recycling and improved access to recyclable materials, but we also ensure that our decisions on what to include and not include in grade specifications are fact based, and determined by: 

    • Whether they are economically viable to collect and process;
    • Access to viable end-use markets for these materials;
    • That they ensure no negative effects on existing grade specification quality in terms of prohibitive and outthrow level and contamination, increasing the probability of processors having marketable material for both domestic and export markets; and
    • If recyclable, which “grade(s)” are the best “fit” for your materials.

As we learn more about the Chinese import ban, plan our meetings and contract negotiations, and manage our operations, it is important to remember we have a team in Washington that is actively and vigorously looking out for our future business and unifying our voice as one of the major contributors to the economy of the future.


Leonard Zeid, Paper Division Chair
Myles Cohen, Paper Stock Industries Chapter President

Paper Beat

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