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Chairman’s Corner

The Electronics Recycling Industry recently concluded the annual event that serves as content platform, networking event, and class reunion known as E-Scrap.

BillLongElectronicsAs usual, the event in Orlando hosted by Resource Recycling is one of the “must attend” events for participants in the electronics re-use and recycling industries. 

This year’s agenda was a mix of old and new topics that reflect current trends and issues. The ongoing issues with CRT processing, abandoned stockpiles, and pursuit of legal remedy from suppliers to failed processors is an ominous sign that the legal, financial and environmental concerns from CRT recycling have not yet reached the sunset stage. On the voluntary certification front, SERI recently announced that more than 700 facilities are now R2 certified. 

New and emerging issues included the Internet of Things (IoT), innovations in Precious Metal recovery, and continuing “Right-to-Repair” issues at the state and federal level. One additional issue related to ongoing internet expansion and IoT is the need to address the environmental and safety issues of batteries, especially lithium ion varieties now showing up in a dizzying array of products being recycled. One notable effort now underway to identify and make available best practices is the Lithium battery working group coordinated by Solid WASTE Association of North America (SWANA) that includes ISRI, Call 2, Recycle and other industry leaders. 

The ISRI Electronics Division has started planning for the Annual Convention, April 14-19in Las Vegas. If members or readers have suggestions for topics or speakers, please send ideas to division liaison Billy Johnson.

Bill Long
ISRI Electronics Division Chair

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