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Ferrous Roundtable Roundup

ISRI Ferrous Division Chair Greg Dixon moderated this year’s ferrous roundtable held in Chicago on September 8 as part of the 2017 ISRI Commodities Roundtable Forum.

Attendance at the roundtables was up this year, with more than 620 registered attendees. At the ferrous roundtable, speakers Jin Chang from the CME Group, Nick Tolomeo from S&P Global Platts, and ISRI Chief Economist Joe Pickard discussed a wide range of critical issues impacting the ferrous scrap and steel markets including: transportation headaches including tight rail car availability; the likely impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on scrap markets; the outlook for overseas demand for scrap; the impacts of recent trade cases on the domestic steel industry; how the changing political landscape in Washington is affecting business sentiment; how scrap processors are mitigating the risks posed by price, logistical, and foreign exchange uncertainty; and last but not least the current health of the U.S. ferrous scrap industry.

For copies of the roundtable presentations, please contact Joe Pickard.

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