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ISRI Time Capsule: The Ongoing Safety Saga

Even though ISRI greatly expanded its safety programs, services, and resources, the scrap industry continued to experience a high rate of injuries and fatalities—and steep insurance losses.

Sept27LUTimeCapsuleSafetySagaIn response, ISRI redoubled its safety efforts, hiring a second safety outreach director to its staff in early 2013, forming the Circle of Safety Excellence program in July 2014, establishing a Safety Stand-Down Day for the industry in October 2014, signing a formal two-year alliance with OSHA, and creating a new training program on material handler safety. Thanks to these efforts, and others, ISRI started seeing some positive trends when comparing the losses of ISRI member companies in the RecycleGuard® insurance program with the losses of nonmember recyclers in the program. According to RecycleGuard data in 2015, ISRI member operations were significantly safer than nonmember operations, as measured by their losses as a percentage of their premiums.

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