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When Was the Last Time You Examined Your Emergency Preparedness Plans?

It is time to revisit your emergency preparedness plan. If you already have one in place, take time to re-examine elements that may have changed in the last year – contact information, emergency team roles, salvage priorities, etc.

If you don’t have a plan quite yet, sit down and make a realistic timeline for its development, and follow the steps below.

  • Inventory and replenish your emergency supplies. You may have used up some of your supplies over the last year for small emergencies or other collection activities. Take the time to inventory and replenish any supplies that may be missing from your kits.

  • Don’t forget about the safety of your staff. Practice evacuations and identify areas for improvement. Conduct a walkthrough of collection and office spaces and remove any potential hazards, such as boxes blocking a hallway, improper storage of chemicals (including cleaning supplies), and office ergonomics. Identify what equipment must be secured and where to secure it. Make sure that emergency exits, shelter-in-place locations, and evacuation routes are all clearly labeled.

  • Clearly define staff roles. Each facility organization is unique in staff size and expertise. Identify who will be responsible for what during an emergency, and write it down in position descriptions.

  • Identify local emergency suppliers and contacts. When disaster strikes, you will need to know what companies are in your local geographic region that have the expertise to aid in emergency activities such as electrical repairs, building restoration, vehicle maintenance, and mold remediation. Create and maintain a list of these vendors so that if you find yourself in the midst of a disaster, you know who to contact for help.

For more information, review ISRI Safety Resources. For additional sources on flood preparedness, response, and recovery visit the ISRI website. Contact ISRI Vice President of Safety Terry Cirone with any questions.

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