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ISRI Leads Discussions at the National Recycling Coalition Board Meetings and Conference

Market demands and development was the primary focus of the Resource Recycling Conference in Minneapolis that included several panel discussions led by ISRI’s Joe Pickard and Danielle Waterfield.

Sept13LUNationalRecyclingConferenceJoe's presentation concentrated on markets for metals while illustrating where these materials flow and how these markets are very sensitive to global economic conditions. Danielle largely focused the audience's attention on the market demands for quality pointing out how maturing markets are becoming more discerning. This point reinforced the impending import restrictions for certain lower grade materials.

The conference also coincided with the National Recycling Coalition's Board Meeting where new officers were selected and served as a forum to foster meaningful dialogue with the nation's municipalities about how the scrap recycling industry as well as other consuming industries can help promote and improve recycling efforts. One of the key points in the Town Hall discussions was how communities could entice manufacturing and economic development around recyclable resources.

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