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New and Updated Tools for Tire Recyclers

ISRI has both updated and will be releasing new tools for tire recyclers in the coming weeks to provide you with more information to advocate on behalf of your company and the industry.

2017 Recycling Industry Yearbook – This resource contains updated information on the state of the tire industry and where the markets have fared over the previous year. The yearbook aims to provide readers with a clearer understanding of what the scrap industry actually is, how it has evolved and operates, and the scope of the tremendous economic and environmental benefits the industry generates for the planet. Updated figures for the previous year are included. Release set for early September.

Recycled Rubber Infographics and other Resources –Highlighting the benefits recycled rubber provide to the economy and the environment, these visuals and other tools offer great ways to show the benefits tire recycling to your stakeholders.

Commodity Video Series: Tires - ISRI's video on the value of tire recycling is part of a video series highlighting recycled commodities. In addition to describing the process of tire recycling in easy to understand terms, the short video brings the commodity to life in a colorful, fun, informative, and visual way.  An updated video will be released in early October.

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