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ISRI Time Capsule: Enhancing the Industry’s Image

In the first decade of the new millennium, it became clear to ISRI leaders that the scrap industry had to change its historical habit of maintaining a low public profile.

August30LUTimeCapsuleIndustryImageThat habit not only allowed unfair—and inaccurate—stereotypes of the industry to persist, but it also prevented the industry from getting credit for its extensive economic and environmental contributions. “The industry’s failure to promote its positive image leaves the press, legislators, and regulators working in an information vacuum,” noted ISRI Chair Frank Cozzi in 2007. In response, Cozzi appointed a task force to develop a plan for a long-term image campaign for the industry, promoting its positive economic, environmental, and social benefits. ISRI’s Communications Committee unveiled the new image enhancement campaign in 2008 at the association’s fall board meeting in San Francisco. ISRI also commissioned several studies that showed the industry’s economic impact and job-creation power, and it translated the industry’s environmental contributions in more current terms, showing how its activities reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and promote sustainability.

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