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ISRI Responds to Changes in Chinese Scrap Import Standards

In separate public notices, the Chinese Government announced it would revise the Identification Standards for Solid Wastes – General Rules and the Environmental Protection Control Standards for Solid Wastes as Raw Materials (GB 16487.1-13).

The revisions come as part of the Chinese government’s broader strategy to improve the regulation of imported wastes and scrap. Both standards guide Customs authorities into the proper identification of high quality scrap as distinct from waste, and the government took the unprecedented step of opening the draft revisions to public comment. ISRI has taken the opportunity to do so.

In a response to the Identification Standards, ISRI advocates for clearer language to distinguish between scrap and waste. Read the draft standard in English and Chinese.

In a response to the Environmental Protection Control Standards, ISRI advocates for the use of the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular as reflective of manufacturing standards and needs while arguing that the draft 0.3 percent threshold for prohibitives / carried waste in all scrap materials is impossible to meet. ISRI also requested the Chinese government delay its implementation of the standards to allow us to more thoroughly analyze the draft standards and develop practical recommendations that can help China promote higher quality imports in a manner consistent with global standards. Read the draft standard in English and Chinese

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