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Joint-Industry Dialogue on Lithium-Ion Batteries

On July 19, 2017, ISRI representatives participated in a joint industry meeting to discuss lithium Ion battery waste management.

Other associations including NWRA, SWANA, PRBA, Call2Recycle, and Corporation for Battery Responsibility participated along with individual companies including Umicore, Kinsbursky Bros, and RRS.

This introductory meeting will hopefully be a starting point for future joint activities to address safety concerns including fires, when managing lithium batteries. The group acknowledged that these challenges will continue to increase with the growth of the batteries’ presence in the recycling and waste stream. What was apparent from the meeting is that there is an absence of information in the community, and some industry sectors as to the proper management of these batteries. The group agreed to meet again to discuss potential opportunities to work together to develop outreach and joint messaging.

If you would like more information, please contact ISRI Vice President of Safety Terry Cirone.

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