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Introduction by Paper Division Chair and PSI Chapter President

With the implementation of a Chinese import ban on select waste materials, our job of navigating paper scrap markets has become a bit more difficult.

LeonarandMylesIt’s becoming ever more important that we stay informed and unify our voice through ISRI to properly define our industry and communicate the good it does for manufacturing, global commerce, and the environment.

The PSI Chapter is currently finalizing some proposed changes to the specifications that will be announced soon. ISRI Research Analyst for Commodities, Bernie Lee, is busily working to sort out the many factors that affect paper scrap markets and has information available via request.

On another note, the heart of the summer heat season should remind us about working safely and that although the days may begin to get cooler, vigilance against fires is a constant task. ISRI is also engaging in a joint-industry effort to address lithium-ion battery waste management.

Leonard Zeid, Paper Division Chair
Myles Cohen, Paper Stock Industries Chapter President 

Paper Beat

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