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ISRI Finalizes Industry Platform as NAFTA Renegotiations Commence

Canada, Mexico, and the United States will begin negotiating a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) this week in Washington led on the U.S. side by a veteran trade negotiator that was involved in implementing the original agreement.

In partnership with the Canadian Association for Recycling Industries (CARI) and Mexican association INARE, ISRI finalized a NAFTA negotiation platform that promotes the key targets for the industry in the agreement, including preserving rules of origin for scrap processed in North America to continue receiving preferential treatment, promoting enhanced customs infrastructure and procedures that speed up the process, and promoting the ISRI Specifications Circular as the go-to standard for scrap materials. Although the governments are aiming to conclude negotiations by the end of the year, several long-standing trade irritants (unrelated to the scrap recycling industry) could prevent them from achieving that goal. Nevertheless, ISRI will continue to work with the negotiators to ensure the final agreement benefits the industry.

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