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2018 Health Insurance Options for ISRI Members

Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. (MMIC) has been marketing health insurance programs to ISRI members as one of our sponsored insurance providers.

Listed below is detailed 2018 individual and group insurance policy information that may be beneficial to members.

Individual Policy

  1. The Open Enrollment Period for anyone wishing to apply for an Individual policy will be 45 days, from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. If you do not enroll in a health plan, you will be ineligible to obtain coverage unless you have a Qualifying Event (i.e.: involuntary loss of health coverage, marriage, becoming a U.S. Citizen, permanent move to another state).
  2. Shop strategically – if you qualify for tax credits which will lower your cost, you must enroll through the Marketplace (HealthCare.gov) to be eligible for the tax credits.
  3. The average rate increase will be more moderate with premiums estimated to increase at a far slower clip than 2017. However, individual insurers are concerned about whether the Trump Administration plans to enforce the mandates. If the penalty for not having health insurance is not enforced, there will be a significantly lower number of young healthy people dropping insurance, while the sickest, costliest members will remain.
  4. Short Term Insurance – if you missed the Open Enrollment Period deadline, Short Term Insurance will help bridge the gap until the next Open Enrollment Period.

Group Insurance

  1. Not subject to any open enrollment period.
  2. If your company has two or more employees, you are eligible to enroll in a group plan at any time throughout the year.
  3. Group plans provide more access to doctors and hospitals. The PPO options will provide coverage for all providers either on an in network or out of network basis.
  4. Group plans have more flexibility allowing an employer to terminate a plan and begin a new plan at any time. Any deductible and out of pocket expenses satisfied under a group plan will be transferred and honored by the new insurance company.

If you wish to obtain a Group or Individual policy health quote or have any questions, contact Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. at (800) 349-1039. 

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