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ISRI Joins Chorus for Expeditious Senate Confirmations

Last week, ISRI joins hundreds of businesses and associations calling on the Senate to expeditiously move to confirm the thousands of administration officials needed to execute the laws and carry out functions of the federal government from the EPA to the Department of Commerce.

The slow pace of confirmations is depriving agencies across the government of the critical leadership and in many cases, quorums necessary to conduct the key business of independent agencies. We have seen the impacts of this slow process with the failure to appoint officials to offices such as the U.S. Mint where the Mutilated Coin Redemption Program is in limbo, or with the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Surface Transportation Board where both lack basic quorums. ISRI members along with other businesses and industries are left waiting for important agency decisions that simply cannot be made in the absence of Senate-confirmed officials. Even non-controversial nominees are being subjected to the Senate's time-consuming processes normally reserved for senior ranking cabinet officials. By one estimate, it will take 11 years to confirm all the President's nominees to executive branch positions. In one good sign of cooperation, over 70 nominees were confirmed by voice vote before the Senate recessed for its August break. We hope the log jam is broken soon when Congress returns in September, so the administration can begin tackling difficult problems.

For more information on this situation, please contact Billy Johnson.

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