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ISRI Time Capsule: Safety as Core Value

Safety has been a perennial focus of the scrap recycling industry and, hence, ISRI. From its start in 1987, ISRI has offered safety guidance, resources, and programs to help members improve their safety performance.

August2LUTimeCapsuleSafetyWhen the industry faced a particularly difficult year of injuries and fatalities in 2005, ISRI stepped up its safety offerings, including hiring additional safety staff, providing free on-site training and assessment services, establishing a safety pledge (“Safely, or not at all”) for the industry, and organizing the first ISRI National Safety Committee (later renamed the ISRI Safety and Environmental Council). “Safety—successful safety—is a culture, not a procedure,” said ISRI Chair Joel Denbo in 2006. “The responsibility lies with everyone in your organization. In short, safety must be your new top priority. You must spend whatever it takes in both time and money to ensure success.” ISRI has continued to steadily expand and improve its safety benefits for members to include a transportation safety program (established in 2008) and draft Recommended Industry Safety Practices on a variety of topics.

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