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North Carolina Governor Signs SREA Protections into Law

Over the weekend, ISRI members in North Carolina found reason to take a deep breath of relief now that the state offers similar liability protections to recyclers for superfund clean-ups.
NC Governor Roy Cooper penned his signature to H.B. 402 on Friday, July 21, putting the liability relief into state code governing all state hazardous waste clean-up operations. The legislation is a culmination of a year-long diligent effort by ISRI members and the Recycling Association of North Carolina (RANC) to get this protection into state law. Prior to its enactment, ISRI members were left vulnerable to liability for clean-up expenses of any state-designated hazardous waste site clean-up if they were have found to have shipped anything at some point to that site. ISRI congratulates Southeast Chapter President Tom Rice and the entire Southeast Chapter along with RANC and the excellent work of their lobbyist Ed Turlington and his associates.

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