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ISRI Time Capsule: Connecting with Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling started growing in force in the late 1990s into the new millennium. ISRI President Robin Wiener noted in 2001 that “more than 10 percent of ISRI members are processing electronics in one form or another,” according to an ISRI survey.
July26LUTimeCapsuleElectronicsOne way ISRI supported this new sector was by forming an Electronics Recycling Council in 2002. That group held its first meeting at ISRI’s 2003 convention in Orlando, Fla. Also in 2003, ISRI helped sponsor the first electronics collection drive on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., a two-day event Nov. 15–16 timed to coincide with America Recycles Day. That same year, ISRI teamed with the U.S. EPA, nine electronics manufacturers, recyclers, and retailers teamed up to launch the “Plug-In to eCycling” campaign. And ISRI’s e-recycling members worked to draft the first electronics-related specifications for the Scrap Specifications Circular. The 2004 edition had seven pages of new e-scrap specs, providing definitions and covering the main metal, glass, and plastic commodities recovered from electronic scrap. Despite this impressive progress in a few short years, ISRI’s biggest steps and most significant work in the e-recycling sector still lay ahead.

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