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Illinois Enacts Electronics Recycling Law

Last week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) signed the Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act into law - HB 1955.

On July 6, both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly approved HB 1955 following the passage of a Senate companion bill in June – SB 1417. The bills removed the existing scheme of simple weight-based manufacturer covered electronic device collection goals and replaced it with a network of permanent drop-off locations in each county. Under the new law, manufacturers will fund drop-off location operation costs, and the number of drop-off locations in each county will be based on population density. The higher the density, the more drop-off locations will be permitted. Sponsors of the bills argued that “light weighting” of some covered electronic devices (e.g., replacing CRTs with lighter weight LCDs) made the former scheme ineffective and a significant financial burden on local governments. The bill creates two new task forces: 1) an Advisory Financial Responsibility Allocation Task Force to assist the Illinois Pollution Control Board (the state’s environmental rulemaking body) in determining the “allocation of financial responsibilities for the transportation and recycling of collected residential CEDs among manufacturers participating in a manufacturer e-waste program” and 2) an Advisory Electronics Recycling Task Force created to develop “agreed-to best practices to be used at program collection sites and one-day collection events in the following program year.”  The bill also classifies covered electronic devices into eight categories, changes the date that manufacturers must submit annual reports to the Illinois EPA from January 31 to March 1, and makes other changes to the Act.

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