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Thank You for Standing Down for Safety with ISRI

The term “safety stand-down” is used to describe a wide variety of activities where normal work is paused and the entire site focuses on a particular safety issue.

This year, ISRI’s Safety Stand-Down Day was held on June 14, a date was chosen specifically due to its close proximity to Father’s Day (dads need to work safely). As part of this year’s Safety Stand-Down Day, we partnered with OSHA’s Safe and Sound Campaign, which encouraged ISRI members to consider undertaking at least one activity relevant to each of the three core elements of a successful safety and health program: management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing workplace hazards. These elements help to prevent injuries, reduce business cost, increase productivity, and enhance worker satisfaction.

Members were also invited to submit information to ISRI staff identifying facilities where Safety Stand-Down Day activities took place, and how safety messages were communicated to frontline employees. More than 55 ISRI member companies representing over 170 facilities provided this information and their names and provided activity pictures are posted on the OSHA/ISRI Alliance Webpage.

These companies will be receiving their certificates of participation in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact Elly Torabian.

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